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The Challenge

Busy is a matter of calendar. Hurry is a matter of soul. What if you could be schedule-busy and soul-unhurried in the very same moment? It is possible. We can show you how.

The Opportunity

An Unhurried Community is your online home for growing in this unhurried way of life. Great influence begins on the inside, in your soul. Learning healthy patterns of rest and work can transform your life.

The Invitation

But you cannot do this alone. You need the help of seasoned guides and like-minded friends. Alan and Gem are your online mentors in this community of like-hearted influencers. Join us today!

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  • ONLINE MENTORING for living out the insights of An Unhurried Life, An Unhurried Leader and the forthcoming What Does Your Soul Love?

  • Access to a GROWING RESOURCE LIBRARY with recorded video conferences, online courses, downloadable worksheets, and other audio and video resources.

  • Periodic GUEST EXPERT videos (with expertise in the areas of spiritual formation, spiritual practices and personal leadership).

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Unhurried Time

You likely feel the pressure of too much to do in too little time. You want to make space for the things that matter, but you don't know where to begin. The first theme we will engage together is our view of time itself.  It is possible to get a handle on your relationships, your work and even your calendar. See the list of topics below.

Topics for 2019

  • How do our thoughts about time accelerate the inner pace and inner freedom of our lives?
  • What values actually shape our time priorities, and are those the values we most believe in?
  • How does "Rest deeper, lead better" actually work?
  • How can I develop and live a healthy rule of life.
  • How does guilt drive us to hurry, and how can we find freedom?
  • How can we learn to say a holy “No”?
  • Why do we "kill time"? How can we "resurrect time"?
  • How can we deal with habits of tech addiction?
  • How do we harness the power of habit?

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"The book of Hebrews reminds me that I have to "make every effort" to enter into rest. I have to fight for Sabbath and unhurried time. I have to fight to live an unhurried life and to lead in an unhurried way, because the culture around me, even in my church, will dictate a life at a pace far away from grace and far away from the rhythms of rest and work that Jesus showed us. Thank goodness for Unhurried Living, for not giving a bunch of information, but for showing the "how" towards transformation."


"Alan & Gem Fadling have provided a sacred space for me to listen and reflect in God’s presence. I inevitably emerge with a refreshed soul, a gladness of heart, deeper love for the One who invites us to ever deeper intimacy, and often surprisingly – a clarity of vision for what I need to do next in providing leadership in my place of vocational calling. "

University President

"I just wanted to say what an impact you have had on my life….I have been one who has been in the fast lane, trying to climb the church ladder quickly. But God has used severe loss in my life to slow me down. In so many areas, I have been in too much of a hurry. God has taught me to stay more in the present, and your book and work has given me tools to do that. Thank you so much for what you are doing. Please keep putting good, healthy spirituality out there for people, especially us pastors who tend to be the most un-self-aware people ever. "


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