Embracing Change

Learn to engage your questions and live into the answers.

Join us for this 3-month online group coaching experience!


Check out the dates for the Fall 2021 group below.

Space is limited to 8 women.


Do you ever feel…

  • Unable to stay on the path of change?
  • Tired of searching for illusive answers?
  • Alone on your journey?
  • Sick of skimming the surface of your life?

"What a blessing it has been to share life with these wonderful women. I was grateful to find others in our group who shared similar challenges and desires for transformation. Gem guided us through our sessions with love, grace and humor as we pursued spiritual growth together. My tool chest has been packed to overflowing with soul nurturing resources I can use consistently in my daily walk with God. I leave with a better understanding how, with God's help, I can shift my thinking and be more at peace with life's peaks and valleys."

- Jane Couperus -
Financial Counselor

"My participation in group coaching with Gem has been a true blessing at this time in my life. Gem has a gentle and wise way of encouraging the deeper exploration of the soul as we move closer to God. The willing, faithful and beautiful women I have met in this process are surely the icing on the cake, and they bring an authentic breadth to this experience. "

- Terri Carter -
Adult Discipleship Coordinator

"The group coaching experience was very helpful! Gem brought a new way to process our thoughts that was relatable, doable and effective. It was especially nice to process through this learning with a small group of like-minded and kind women. Although we started out as strangers, with Gem’s guidance and example, we quickly connected with each other. The many handouts that were offered have provided a thorough and ready resource that I’m keeping handy."

- Liz Brumfield -
Life Coach

"The group coaching sessions with Gem and the other ladies has been an oasis for the soul. I feel stronger, more confident, connected to the family of God, and more adventurous. Simply knowing I’m not alone on this journey has spurred me onward. It has been a deep privilege knowing every one of these ladies. "

- Beverly Hudson -
Spiritual Mentor

Join Us for Our Fall 2021 Session!

Engage the beautiful dynamic of being connected to women like you who want to dig in and grow.

  • Learn to cooperate with the dynamics of change.
  • Harness desire as an engine for growth.
  • Identify your resistance points.
  • Learn to let go of that over which you have no control.
  • Open to the freedom of Divine invitation.
  • Enjoy the input of women who want to engage life from the inside out.

Let's do this together!

Join us for our next session. Space is limited to 8 women.


You'll Receive

  • In-depth unpacking of Gem & Alan's important book, What Does Your Soul Love?
  • Personal 20-minute pre- and post- individual consultations with Gem via Zoom.
  • Six 90-minute online sessions. (Two meetings per month in group training and coaching.) 
  • Private online group forum.


Tuesdays at 4:00pm (Pacific Time) via Zoom. The next group begins September 7, 2021.

September 7, 21

October 12, 26

November 9, 16 


A $50 non-refundable deposit will reserve your spot. Total cost is $597 (three monthly payments of $149, $199 and $199).

Join us!

For more personalized coaching, space is limited to 8 women.


Gem Fadling, Your Coach

Gem Fadling is a founding partner of Unhurried Living, Inc., a non-profit that trains leaders to overcome hurry and make time for what matters most. A trained spiritual director, formation coach, and retreat leader, she enjoys serving as a guide, helping women engage the process of transformation. Gem is the author of What Does Your Soul Love? Eight Questions That Reveal God's Work in You.

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