Enneagram and Transformation


“The Enneagram tells us who we were before the world told us who we were supposed to be. Who were you before the world told you who you were supposed to be?” (Ian Cron)

“We are actually our truest self. But that gets covered up over the course of life, beginning very early.” (Chris Heuertz)


It's hard to believe so much lies within this simple diagram of a circle, some lines and a few numbers. However, the Types around the circle and the movements within it have proven to be life-giving and restorative to those who put into practice this process.

We create a narrative based on experiences and events in our lives. We string them together. We base our identity around them.

The Enneagram is like a map that can help us remove the layers and get to our true self. Spiritual practices and Presence actually help us cooperate with God as we let go of the layers.

We must move beyond how we see ourselves. The higher, true self is already me. I have simply forgotten, no longer notice, or I have covered it up.

The Enneagram is a wake-up call, a doorway, the tip of the iceberg. It is a vocabulary and an understanding. The point here is transformation. We move beyond our stuck places by being aware. This happens in the present. In the now. That is why spiritual practices are key. They bring us into Kingdom Reality, which is available at all times. In presence. Here. Now.

The Nine Types


Type One:

The Reformer

(The Need to be Perfect)


Type Two:

The Helper

(The Need to be Needed)


Type Three:

The Achiever

(The Need to Succeed)


Type Four:

The Individualist

(The Need to be Special)


Type Five:

The Investigator

(The Need to Perceive)


Type Six:

The Loyalist

(The Need for Security)


Type Seven:

The Enthusiast

(The Need to Avoid Pain)


Type Eight:

The Challenger

(The Need to be Against)


Type Nine:

The Peacemaker

(The Need to Avoid)

Six-Hour Workshop

The six-hour workshop includes all of the content, plus space for small and large group interaction and a brief solo processing time.

Transformation: Two Levels


Intelligence Centers

Important Movements

The Nine Types

Processing Time

Process for Growth

Going Forward

Things to Remember


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