If you want to grow, the only place to begin is right where you are and as you are.

Hold That Thought, by Gem Fadling, is available now!

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"You're not good enough."

"You need to try harder."

"Everything's fine!"

These are the sorts of voices that we all have in our heads, and they often push us to act in ways that are both unhelpful and unsustainable.

How do we quiet these narratives?

More importantly, amid the chatter, how do we hear the voice of God?

Gem Fadling helps us identify the competing voices and shows how they hinder our personal transformation.

Drawing on years of spiritual direction and leadership at Unhurried Living, she shares her wisdom of how we make sense of inner voices and settle down enough to find our true voice.

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"Each of us ebb and flow in and out of seasons physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, and relationally. It would help our souls greatly to pay attention to these movements and work along with them." 

-Gem Fadling, author of Hold That Thought

About the Author

Gem Fadling is a certified life coach, a trained spiritual director and the cofounder of Unhurried Living, providing resources at the intersection of spiritual leadership and soul care.

She is the host of the I Can Do That! Podcast and the author of What Does Your Soul Love?: Eight Questions That Reveal God’s Work in You.

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“In Hold That Thought, Gem Fadling's voice is both bright and grounding, able to meet readers where we are and also kind enough not to leave us there for long. Through her own stories and the stories of others, Gem submits a helpful and accessible guide to discerning between the competing internal voices we all contend with, always circling back to the wisdom of our true voice and the present nearness of God.”

-- Emily P. Freeman, author of The Next Right Thing

Hold That Thought is a wonderfully practical guide to move from self-contempt into curiosity and compassion. Gem Fadling is both relatable and refreshing—a wise and kind voice who will help you better hear the Voice of Love in your life. Hold That Thought is theologically rich, accessible, and psychologically astute. I’m so grateful to have this book as a resource for my clients and community!”

-- K.J. Ramsey, licensed professional counselor; author, The Lord Is My Courage and This Too Shall Last

“I often hear people ask who the desert fathers & mothers, the abbas and ammas, are today. While they are few and far between, I am delighted to suggest Gem Fadling is one. As a spiritual mother, she guides readers skillfully and deeply into the inner landscape of the soul; Hold That Thought is the kind of resource I wish I'd had for myself 20 years ago. So, I adjure you: Be brave. Open these pages and confront your inner voices of shame, pain, and isolation. They will begin as enemies but end as friends on the holy journey toward wholeness.”

-- Tara Owens, author of Embracing the Body and Executive Director of Anam Cara Ministries