$19.00 USD

YOU MIGHT ALSO ENJOY: The Practice of Unhurried Prayer – Influence from the Inside Out ($29)

See the strategic value of Unhurried Time with God and learn how to better listen for the voice of God. Identify and overcome common resistances to this practice and learn to follow Jesus’ own strategic rhythms of life. Connect your thirsts with God’s presence and learn to lead from a rested soul. Receive practical advice for the practice of Unhurried Time with God and learn how to fruitfully reflect on your experience of it.

What you'll get:

  • 20 instructional videos
  • Intro & Overview
  • Listening to the Good Shepherd
  • Following the Example of Jesus
  • Preparation, guidance and debrief for three sessions of practicing Unhurried Prayer 
  • First Session - Misguided Searches for Rest; True Rest
  • Second Session - Bringing Your Thirsts to God
  • Third Session - Hidden with Christ; A Wardrobe that Fits
  • Printable worksheets for each video
  • Resources for small groups

Encountering God in the Psalms


Each of the ten beautifully designed videos is meant to help you encounter God in a particular portion of a particular psalm. This is ten experiences of noticing God’s presence with you through the vehicle of ten different psalm passages.

What you'll get:

  • Introduction Video
  • A Prayer for the Well-Shepherded (Psalm 23)
  • A Prayer of Singular Focus in a Challenging Time (Psalm 27)
  • A Prayer for Soul Rest in God (Psalm 62)
  • A Prayer to Find Satisfaction in God (Psalm 63)
  • A Prayer of Nearness to God (Psalm 73)
  • A Prayer for Worship and Giving Thanks (Psalm 100)
  • A Prayer for Noticing God’s Overflowing Grace (Psalm 103)
  • A Prayer of Entrusting our Work to God (Psalm 127)
  • A Prayer in a Place of Brokenness and Failure (Psalm 130)
  • A Prayer Welcoming God’s Knowing, Loving Gaze (Psalm 139)
  • Printable Scripts for All Prayers

Take in the Psalms experientially. With themes such as: soul rest, satisfaction, failure, grace, brokenness and more.