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  • Prioritize soul care without compromising productivity.

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  • Soul Care
    A focus on what brings us life
  • Inner Wellness
    A focus on our thoughts & emotions
  • Fulfilling Connections
    A focus on relationships
  • Healthy Embodiment
    A focus on our God-given bodies
  • Meaningful Expression
    A focus on the way we serve others

Meet Gem Fadling

Your new Soul Care Coach

Just like you, I spent years feeling trapped by the overwhelming pace of the culture. I struggled with anxiety as I constantly felt the weight of my never-ending to do list. But over the years I’ve discovered that living an unhurried life is possible and it begins with replenishing.

We must refill that which we pour out. Caring for my own soul, in relationship with God, has led to the beautiful fruit of greater peace, more presence and an enriched focus on my growing spiritual influence.

I’m a trained Spiritual Director and a certified Life Coach, with 30 years of experience in the spiritual formation stream. I am the co-founder of Unhurried Living, where we train Christian leaders to rest deeper, live fuller and lead better. My podcast is I Can Do That! and I’m the author of Hold That Thought.

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Gem is a gifted leader and guide who makes everyone feel welcome and heard, expertly setting the stage for conversations that go deep very quickly.

- Liz B.

Gem is REAL!! No facades or show just deep insight and acceptance.

- Sandy B.

Gem is an unhurried leader in the best sense. Her pace as a guide is inspiring and for the learner feels achievable. 

- Amanda M.

Gem is unique. She has the right mix of love and gentleness, savvy and energy. She is real, and that allows us to be our real selves. Gem is a soul seeker, and models an unhurried life.

- Beth R.

Gem is such a listener to her core. She listens with an open heart, she is curious and she allows us to grow and connect in our own unique ways. 

- Allie H.