What do you really want? What is your soul clinging to? What is getting in your way? In these pages Gem and Alan Fadling outline eight key questions that offer deep insight into how we experience soul change.


The 2014 Christianity Today Book Award of Merit Winner (Spirituality). Alan describes his journey out of the fast lane and into the rhythms of Jesus. How do we find balance between our sense of calling and the call to rest? An Unhurried Life offers a way.


What does grace-paced leadership look like? In the midst of all we do, we're tempted to frantically take control of situations in hopes of making good things happen.  In these pages Alan unfolds what it means for leaders to let Jesus set the pace. 


The grace of God is the atmosphere of his kingdom. We live by inhaling grace. These sixty devotionals are drawn from nearly thirty years of Alan’s personal journal. The invitation is to embark on a journey of being well-shepherded by the grace of God. 


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