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An Unhurried Leader


Many leaders are hurried, and hurry is costing them more than they realize. Take a deep dive with Alan into unhurried leadership based on his book An Unhurried Leader.

(Starts Fall 2024)

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 Working with God


Experience your work as something you do with God rather than for God. Learn to collaborate with God's Spirit in planning for and engaging in your work. 

(Starts Fall 2024)

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Unhurried Leaders Membership

Rediscover the genius of Jesus' unhurried way of life and leadership. Get started with the next cohort this September!

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Women-Centered Coaching

 Soul Care Groups


Healing is found in community. ONLINE Soul Care Groups are micro-communities of just five women who journey together for a few months at at time.

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Replenish Membership for Women

Coaching, training and community to help you live a more sustainably paced and productive life. Confidently engage a life of transformation with the ongoing support of like-hearted women.

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