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Gem Fadling

Gem is a trained spiritual director, coach, mentor, and retreat leader. She specializes in helping women engage their own formational journey. Gem is the author of What Does Your Soul Love? Eight Questions That Reveal God's Work in You (IVP 2019). 


Alan Fadling

Alan(MDiv), serves as a frequent speaker and consultant with local churches, national organizations and leaders internationally. A trained spiritual director, Alan is the award-winning author of An Unhurried Life (IVP 2013) and An Unhurried Leader (IVP 2016).



It was good to share life with wonderful women noticing, discerning and responding to our thoughts in community. We shared similar challenges and desires for transformation. Gem guided us with love, grace and humor. My tool chest has been packed to overflowing with soul nurturing resources I can use daily. (Jane Couperus, Financial Counselor) 

Alan provided a communal slowing that helped us see what God was doing among us. I learned how notice God’s kingdom narrative in my every day life. Alan gave us practical ways to actually be an unhurried leader. Being in a group of like-minded leaders slowing down together was life-giving. (John P. Freeman, Director of Grace Discipleship)


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