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Your Six Retreats

Retreatants stay at the Prince of Peace Abbey in Oceanside, CA. Just a few minutes from the beach, the retreat center is on top of a hill with views of the valley and the ocean horizon. As a working monastery, Prince of Peace provides a quiet place, away from the hurried pace of life, as the monks hold space with their prayers. You will enjoy your own private room and bath. All linens are provided (including bedding and towels). Be sure to bring all of your own toiletries and hair care appliances.

Prince of Peace is about mid-way between the Orange County Airport (SNA) and the San Diego Airport (SAN). We highly recommend the ease of the Orange County Airport. You will need to plan additional time for ground transportation (about one hour from each airport, depending on traffic). Uber, Lyft or rental cars are all great choices. During the first retreat, we encourage you to connect with other participants in order to possibly share rides on future retreats.

All meals are provided (Monday dinner through Thursday lunch). The monastery cannot accommodate specific dietary needs. However, there is always a salad bar for those who are vegetarian or gluten free. There is also a refrigerator in the dining room if you want to bring your own supplemental food. The dining room is open 24/7 and there is always coffee, water and cookies (bring your travel coffee mug if you like). We’ll provide healthy snacks that you can enjoy between meals and after the evening sessions.

Retreat check-in begins at 4:00pm on Monday. Dinner is served at 6:00pm. The evening gathering begins at 7:00pm. The retreat ends at 12:30pm after a noon lunch on Thursday.


  • Check-In
  • Dinner
  • Session 1
  • Community
  • Grand Silence


  • Morning Prayer
  • Breakfast
  • Session 2
  • Unhurried Time with God
  • Lunch
  • Session 3
  • Dinner
  • Session 4
  • Community
  • Grand Silence


  • Morning Prayer
  • Breakfast
  • Session 5
  • Lunch
  • Free Time
  • Session 6
  • Dinner
  • Session 7
  • Community
  • Grand Silence


  • Morning Prayer
  • Breakfast
  • Session 8
  • Lunch

Training & Process

Sessions are facilitated and taught by Alan & Gem Fadling and Matt Fogle. Retreat presentations are rooted in the life-changing ideas of An Unhurried LifeAn Unhurried Leader and the forthcoming What Does Your Soul Love? (IVP 2019).

You will experience the rhythms of solitude, community, mentoring, and spiritual practices. This training will likely feel more spacious than the typical conference—precisely because it is not merely a conference. It is a transformational process (both individual and corporate). So there will be deep learning, connecting and plenty of time to process with God and community.

We do not provide academic credit or CEUs at this time.

Application Process

After submitting your application and registration fee, you will receive an email confirming your application has been received. After the review process is complete you will receive an email letting you know if you have been accepted. If you have questions while you wait, please contact Kara Yuza at [email protected].

Upon acceptance into An Unhurried Collective, you will receive a confirmation email which will include payment information for the first retreat.

We reserve the right to assess each applicant’s readiness for the Unhurried Collective experience and to decline admission based on our assessment.


Joining a group like this can help you make progress in the ways that matter the most to you.

You could probably figure all of this out on your own by reading more books, engaging more websites, listening to more podcasts and sermons, and experimenting with different strategies and methods for experiencing the transformation you long for.

You’ve probably done most of these things. You’ve likely seen some results. But if you’ve tried all of these and still feel frustrated by your pace of growth, then it may be time to try something different. Our experience tells us that extraordinary results require extraordinary effort.

In An Unhurried Collective, you’ll be in the company of seasoned mentors, as well as others like you who are growers, influencers and change-makers. It’s time to experience an abiding sense of peace in a noisy world without feeling like you’re missing something.

We can make a list of benefits and experiences that you will receive over the course of two years (and we did, below). These are all true, but what you are really investing in is yourself. You want to be in this transforming process for the long haul. You desire to know God more deeply and to experience his love in ways that impact your relationships and your work. It is your own growing spiritual life that is the fertile soil seasoning everything you do. And you don’t want to do this alone anymore. Let us walk with you.

  • On retreat mentoring and training from Alan, Gem and faculty.
  • 48 sessions of training & community over two years.
  • 24 days, 18 nights of private room/bath and a total of 54 meals over two years.
  • Private online forum with Alan, Gem & Matt for strategic and transformative guidance in leadership and spiritual practices.
  • Virtual co-mentoring and community gatherings between retreats with your Collective.
  • Free membership to An Unhurried Community
  • A Certificate in Unhurried Leadership

We do not currently have scholarship funds available. One way you can ease some of the financial pressure is to enlist an inner circle of prayer and partnership participants. It would take approximately 14 people pledging $20/month for 20 months to enable you to attend.

Real Life

Of course, we hope that you will be able to attend all retreats. And we know that is your intention. But none of us can predict if and when an emergency will arise. Fortunately, because we will have established our connection virtually, there will be no problem with you keeping up with the training you missed on the retreat. Recordings will be provided and our online connection will remain the same. Because of this, there is no refund for any missed retreat. Your payments will continue through the process, the same as if you were enrolled in university or seminary coursework.


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