Inhaling Grace

Living in the Strength of Divine Generosity

The grace of God is the atmosphere of his kingdom. We live by inhaling grace. These sixty chapters are drawn from nearly thirty years of Alan Fadling’s personal journal.

The invitation is to embark on a journey of being well-shepherded by the grace of God. We learn just how surrounded we are by grace, moment to moment, day to day.

Enjoy breathing more deeply in God’s gracious presence.

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"Through these daily reflections and questions, Alan invites us into the journey of keeping intimate company with Jesus, the journey of keeping in step with Jesus’ unhurried rhythms of grace as he shepherds us into deeper, more abundant life and healing and freedom and transformation into his likeness. The journey takes us into deeper obedience and faithfulness, too. We’re called to walk the narrow way, and that way is hard. But the path is graced. So breathe deeply. And enjoy the journey."

Sharon Garlough Brown
Author of the Sensible Shoes Series

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