Be present with God. Be alive.

Jesus being the way, the truth, and the life is more than just a theological fact about him. It is a vital and organic reality. The Way of Presence will help you enter more deeply into this living reality. Included is an Advent reading guide.

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""The Way of Presence" is a wonderfully insightful invitation to go beyond merely seeking truth intellectually in exchange for a daily practice of pursuing lived wisdom in grace. Alan Fadling has a way of writing that gives room for the reader who seeks to open their heart so that they may abide in the reality of God’s presence. Fadling’s wisdom has been a great encouragement to me ever since I stumbled upon An Unhurried Life at my local library, and I know this book will speak to many others in the same way."

Morgan Harper Nichols
Artist & Poet

"Once again Alan writes with remarkable clarity and evident wisdom, reminding us that Jesus as the way, the truth, and the life is not simply a glib recitation of a Bible verse. Instead it is an accessible invitation to a life of vitality, intimacy, and flourishing. Free from rote answers, lazy Christian clichés, and limp questions, his wise insight and incisive questions are valuable tools for the adventure with Jesus. Alan provides mini personal retreats that point us in the best direction of all: toward the heart of the Father."

J. R. Briggs
Author "The Sacred Overlap"

"Alan Fadling’s "The Way of Presence" is like a gift box, full of spiritual nuggets, with thoughts and questions that will leave you pondering them the rest of the day. If you want something to stimulate growth in your soul, open it up, and settle down with this collection of real-life lessons, straight from the heart."

Andrea Buczynski
VP Global Leadership Development/HR, Cru

"Alan Fadling once again brings thoughtfulness, attentiveness to the Spirit, and a gracious practicality to his reflections on life and Scripture. This is a helpful resource for anyone looking for a daily reflection guide that both soothes the soul and challenges the spirit to press further into the journey of spiritual formation. Well worth your time and energy."

Casey Tygrett
Author "As I Recall"

"One thing I appreciate about Alan Fadling’s approach to unhurried living and to these daily readings is not that we find rest through escape but that we experience rest when we sinking more deeply into reality. When we remind ourselves that reality is found in God’s presence, we can begin to unhurry. These brief readings and reflective questions offer us gentle guide into the Way, the Truth and the Life."

Cindy Bunch
Author "Be Kind to Yourself"

"Alan Fadling has quite a few groupies in the world who follow everything he writes. I’m one of them. Fadling’s new book "The Way of Presence" is an absolute joy to endorse as I know it’s impact on me will be the same as everything else he’s written—deep and transformative. Fadling finds the most creative ways to help us slow down and simply enjoy God. This book will move your soul. Read it, slowly."

A. J. Swoboda
Author "Subversive Sabbath"

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