What do you really want? What is your soul clinging to? What is getting in your way?

In these pages Gem and Alan Fadling outline eight key questions that offer deep insight into how we experience soul change.

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What Others Are Saying

"When it comes to finding kind companions on the road to unhurried transformation, I can't think of two people I trust more than Gem and Alan Fadling. For years they've taught me more about what it means to live life deep in the kingdom of God, and now What Does Your Soul Love? is not only a transformational question it's also a compelling, life-changing book." - Emily P. Freeman, author of Simply Tuesday and The Next Right Thing

"In this grounded and thought-provoking book you will be guided to wake up from what is keeping you from living an abundant life. Time is short, and we owe it to ourselves, our community, and our planet to do the important inner work Gem and Alan propose. Read this book and prepare to be changed." - Phileena Heuertz, author of Mindful Silence and Pilgrimage of a Soul, founding partner of Gravity: A Center for Contemplative Activism

"In this book, Gem and Alan Fadling offer eight seminal questions―power tools, really―that have potential to drill down through the surface of your life into the core of your being. It's in this realm of your inner life, they assure you, that transformation begins. If you've ever wondered how change really happens, What Does Your Soul Love? will show you, most poignantly, through the Fadlings' willingness to tell their own vulnerable stories of saying yes to God's transforming love and work. We highly recommend it!" - Beth Booram and David Booram, cofounders of Fall Creek Abbey, spiritual directors, and authors of When Faith Becomes Sight

"As I read through this deep and insightful book What Does Your Soul Love?, I felt as though I was in a safe space, with deeply kind and wise spiritual directors, gently nudging me to peer into places where I had been afraid to look, to embrace my vulnerability and not run from it, and to place my trust in a God who loves me and longs for my good more than I do for myself. This book is a gift. Thank you Gem and Alan." - James Bryan Smith, author of The Good and Beautiful God

"The honest questions and vulnerable answers tucked into the pages of What Does Your Soul Love? by Gem and Alan Fadling makes this not only a timely but also a timeless testament to hope. These fresh and accessible confessions are invitations for all of us to move into a more practice-based spirituality―a credible and rooted spirituality that will only foster a more faithful and faith-filled life." - Christopher L. Heuertz, author of The Sacred Enneagram

"In an age of frenetic activity and endless surface distractions, Gem and Alan provide just what we need: significant and incisive questions to slow us down enough to reflect and ponder. Their questions, along with their matchless wisdom, engaging stories, practical exercises, and creative spiritual practices, seek to soothe the soul and point us to Jesus. This is more than a book; it's a practical manual to cultivate a with-God life. I'll be referring back to these questions time and time again. I'm confident you will too." - J.R. Briggs, founder of Kairos Partnerships, author of Fail: Finding Hope in the Midst of Ministry Failure

"Alan and Gem Fadling are trustworthy guides in the journey of spiritual formation, not only because they have set their minds and hearts on seeking the kingdom of God first but because they share their practical wisdom from a posture of vulnerability and transparency. Filled with penetrating questions and creative spiritual practices, What Does Your Soul Love? is an invitation to delve deep into the heart of our resistance and longings and discover the joy of keeping company with Jesus. I highly recommend it." - Sharon Garlough Brown, author of the Sensible Shoes series and Shades of Light

"Books on the subject of transformation abound. What makes this book stand out is that Gem and Alan crystallize for us what real change looks like through their very down-to-earth, living examples―concrete and relatable. One comes away after reading their accounts―peppered with story after story―convinced that authentic growth in God is indeed possible when our souls are focused in the right direction. Not only inspiring but downright practical!" - Will Hernandez, executive director of CenterQuest, spiritual director, retreat leader, author

Behind the Scenes of the Book

Enjoy this mini-excerpt from our 30-minute behind the scenes video. Get the full video for free when you purchase the book!

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