Podcast Bonus: A Framework for Change

change coaching framework May 14, 2020

Today we’re sharing a five part framework for change. We’ve been using this process in our own lives for years and it has kept us on track.


Last Fall, our book What Does Your Soul Love? was published. It’s a book about necessary change--a book about how to cooperate with the transforming work of God in us and through us. What does it take to stay on this journey of change over our lifetime?


We know that you’re the kind of person who is hungry to make good progress in your life and in your work. You aren’t willing to settle for the driven pace and frantic values of the culture around you. And we all know that the changes brought about by COVID-19 have added a whole new layer of challenges.


Some of us have been able to lean into a more relaxed posture with the current guidance on staying at home and social distancing. Some of us are struggling with all this.


We are here to help you live and work better with less hurry. So, this summer we are offering two group coaching opportunities that we believe are going to help you navigate this season in which we find ourselves.


We share here the five-part framework we’ll use in these groups. It’s a framework that you can use in any situation needing change in your life.


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