ICDT #11: How to Experience Unhurried Time with God

achieve i can do that icdt nature unhurried time unhurried time with god Nov 08, 2021


This is a continuation of the conversation we began last week. So, let’s return to the word I mentioned in the last episode…receptivity. Receptivity isn’t discussed much these days. We are typically more concerned with activity -  what we’re producing or how much we’re achieving more often rises to the surface of our conversations. 

But receptivity is critical for the work of the soul. Openness, listening, letting go, embracing, presence: these are all more accessible in unhurried time with God. 

For me, this looks like setting aside time and going somewhere conducive. I prefer to walk or sit in nature. Nature helps me naturally slide into receptive mode as I enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of the ocean, or the tree covered paths of a local park. Then I drop my agenda and move through the time with open heart and open hands.

Let’s make our way through planning and engaging Unhurried Time with God. These ideas are as practical as it gets.