ICDT #36: What's the Rush?

grace i can do that icdt pace of grace rush Jun 06, 2022

I’ve been a spiritual director and coach for many women over many years. There are common themes that have arisen in that time.

One prevalent theme I bump into over and over is this: Women tend to think there is something wrong with them if they are not progressing quickly through their current situation.

Whether it’s a difficult work situation, a troubled relational issue, a period of extended grief, or any formational dynamic, most are convinced that quickly is the only reasonable and truly healthy way forward. This is usually an unconscious bias that goes unnoticed until you say some things out loud and look at them a little closer.

What’s the rush? Let go of the need to get over it and to continue a production-line mentality. This takes courage and hope, but in the long run you will have participated in your own transformational process.

You are being shaped more and more into the image of Christ. How long might that take? Breathe. Feel. Cooperate with the invitations set before you. It’s counter cultural, but this isn’t a race and no one is grading you.

Allow yourself the gift of grace. Grace of pacing. Grace of process. Grace of permission.