ICDT #45: Engaging Your God-Given Voice

anxiety confidence i can do that icdt inner thoughts voices Aug 08, 2022


In the early part of my life I'd like to think that I was a relatively functional and intelligent participant in my own life. And I was. I got married, I held down a job, and we began a family. I enjoyed a large community and a wonderful life. 

However, under the surface, I didn't really have access to my own, individual voice. There was a kind of holy confidence missing. Self-doubt and anxiety often ruled the day. And I knew little of boundaries.

I now enjoy a major shift of focus. I know who I am in God and a holy confidence has emerged. I feel more solid inside because I stand more firmly on who God says I am. My confidence comes from him. This holy confidence feels like being in flow most of the time.

Sure, I still struggle just like all of us do in day-to-day ways. However, in a central place inside myself I stand in this holy confidence. And I move forward in flow. 

There is obviously more to the story here. How did I get from there to here? Well, I unpack all of this more in today’s episode.


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