ICDT 72: Create a Clearing

god's invitation i can do that leadership unhurried way May 01, 2023


It is easy to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders these days because we can see and hear what is going on in most corners of our planet. Psychologically, emotionally, relationally and even physically, this is too much to bear.


Postlethwaite’s poetic invitation is to create a clearing inside our own dense forest, and…wait. Wait as a song is given to us (I would add “by God”). Then we will know how to serve.


This is an unhurried invitation isn't it? The temptation is always to keep moving forward, mostly at breakneck pace. There is so much to do! There are so many needs! How will it ever get done?


But unhurried leadership takes on a different view. Unhurried leadership knows that we must fill up with what we would pour out.