ICDT 82: 4 Ways to Connect Soulfully to God

connect to god i can do that icdt pilgrimage Oct 02, 2023


In preparation for co-leading a pilgrimage for women to Italy last month, I spent some time getting to know St. Catherine of Siena and St. Clare of Assisi. These two female saints were quite formidable in their passion and love for God—and what that meant for their own souls and those around them.


In Ilia Delio’s book, Clare of Assisi, I found a snippet Clare wrote in a letter to her sister, Agnes.


“O most noble Queen,

gaze upon [him].

consider [him].

contemplate [him].

as you desire to imitate [him].”


Four words leapt off the page:


  • Gaze
  • Consider
  • Contemplate
  • Imitate


These four dynamics are compelling invitations in my relationship with God. And, if followed, could lead to “much fruit that lasts” spoken of in John 15.