ICDT 88: Lectio Divina

i can do that lectio divina spiritual practice Dec 04, 2023


Many of you have likely heard of a way of engaging scripture called Lectio Divina. It is a kind of “Divine Reading.” What I love about Lectio Divina is that it is a slow and formational way of engaging the bible. It can help us move from our heads to our hearts. Lectio Divina is reflective, meditative, receptive and responsive. 


Let’s begin with a little Lectio 101, and then I will guide you in the practice as we experience Psalm 73:23-26 together.

The four movements of Lectio Divina are: 

  • Read (Lectio) 
  • Reflect (Meditatio) 
  • Respond (Oratio) 
  • Rest (Contemplatio) 

With Lectio Divina, rather than gathering information, we seek to allow God to meet us in our hearts and minds in a spirit of transformation. We allow ourselves to sink into the passage…to linger…to think, yes, but also to feel and to experience


Enjoy this episode of I Can Do That!