UL Podcast #204: When Everything's on Fire (Brian Zahnd)

brian zhand deconstruction faith podcast Dec 06, 2021

Today, I’m talking with Brian Zahnd about his latest book "When Everything’s On Fire". The subtitle is Faith Forged From the Ashes. Brian’s book speaks to just how much this season in which we found ourselves over the last couple of years has tested our faith. A word some use to describe this experience is “deconstruction.” 


Some think that deconstruction is a new idea, but something like deconstruction has always been a part of how our faith is refined. Sometimes, we are given beliefs in our childhood or youth that simply don’t reflect the truth of God or the wisdom of Scripture nearly as well as they might have. Losing beliefs is not necessarily the same as losing faith. Brian’s book addresses these realities with theological richness and spiritual depth. 

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