Podcast 109: How to Move Through Our Fears

anxiety fear fight or flight podcast unhurried living Jan 13, 2020

In "What Does Your Soul Love?", the chapter on fear contains these words:

When we’re little the list of things we fear may be quaint: the dark, the boogeyman, spiders, the mean dog next door. However, depending on your family or situation, you may have had next-level fears: the anger of an alcoholic dad, gun shots from the drug house down the street, bullies with hidden knives at school.

Nowadays, we have the real fear of public shootings and bombings, even in parts of the country and world that have seemed relatively safe. Add to that the never ending news threads on our social media feeds, and you have a recipe for constant underlying fear, anxiety, and even dread.

Many of the social issues of our day are the fruit of fear—fear that we won’t be taken care of, fear that we won’t be seen or loved, fear that we won’t have enough. And these dynamics typically lead us directly to fearful or controlling behavior. Looking for and acknowledging our fears feels risky. But if we can come face to face with what we fear, we can see it in the light of God’s presence and find healing, freedom, and strength.

Almost everyone deals with fear at one time or another. So let’s take a look at fear and how we might move through it.

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