Podcast 11: Scripture as Unhurried Friendship with God

friendship influence mediation podcast praying scripture scripture unhurried friendship unhurried living Jul 23, 2017

In this podcast, I'll share a little personal story about my own daily engagement with scripture in my spiritual journey. I want to talk a bit about unhurried ways I’ve been seeking to come to the Bible in recent years.

Last Spring, about 15 months ago, I began engaging a chronological Bible reading plan. I hadn’t ever read through the Bible that way and thought it might be a life-giving practice for me.

Basically, what I did was listen to the chapters for a particular day while reading along in my print Bible. I’m sure, like you, reading the Bible in my mind goes faster than listening to the Bible read aloud. So listening as I read had a way of slowing me down and letting me sink a bit deeper into what I was hearing.

Just the other day, I finished listening to and reading along with the whole Old Testament. (You don’t have to be much of a math expert to know that if it took me 15 months to finish the Old Testament on a one-year reading plan, I didn’t do this every single day).

In recent weeks, I had begun to feel that this listening and reading along plan wasn’t proving to be as much a place of grace for me as it was for so long before. This happens with spiritual practices. In this podcast, I unpack my slowing down even further through the practice of Lectio Divina.


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