Podcast 126: Being with God... Together (Gem with Diana Shiflett)

Many of our listeners are leaders and it can be easy for any of us to fall into the groove of teaching or leading for mere information or knowledge…and not into the deeper levels of formation and change. Of course, knowledge is important and we must begin there. But transformation must be right on its heels or the process is incomplete.

Our guest today, Diana Shiflett, has written a very practical and hands-on book entitled Spiritual Practices in Community. And it gets at what I said earlier about moving from knowledge to formation. Diana lists a multitude of ways we can encounter God together…not just to learn about God…but to experience God in community.

About Diana: She is the pastor of spiritual formation at Naperville Covenant Church in Naperville, IL. She is an adjunct professor of youth ministry at North Park University and a spiritual director.


Download the first chapter of Diana's book, Spiritual Practices in Community, HERE as a free resource.  


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