Podcast 128: Sustainable Leadership (Alan with Alan Briggs)

alan briggs leadership podcast sustainable Jun 23, 2020

How do we live in a way that doesn’t leave us drained and weary? How do we lead from places of refreshment and vitality instead?  

Alan recently enjoyed a great conversation about “sustainable leadership” with Alan Briggs from Stay Forth Designs. Briggs work intersects at many points with what Gem and Alan have been doing for a while now. So sustainable leadership is what we’ll be talking about today.

As we continue to navigate the practical changes that COVID-19 has made to our way of working, communicating and living, we need wisdom to know how to see the opportunities within these changes and not become overwhelmed by them. One lense through which to view this challenge is through a vision of “sustainable leadership.”

Briggs loves helping hungry leaders GET HEALTHY and HAVE MORE IMPACT. He and the team at Stay Forth Designs do this through coaching leaders, consulting with teams, hosting leadership experiences and creating practical content. He co-hosts the Right Side up Leadership Podcast where he has strategic conversations about healthy leadership. He has been a pastor, a church planting catalyst and an entrepreneur. He is dad to four amazing kids and one amazing wife. He is author of Staying is the New GoingGuardrails, and Everyone’s a Genius.  

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