Podcast 135: The Sacred Overlap (Alan with J.R. Briggs)

We are living in a season where “us and them” thinking can be very tempting. Political differences, racial tensions, generational and even religious differences can push us to build thick walls we think will protect ourselves and keep bad things out. But reality is always bigger than simple “us and them” categories.

Today, I’m talking with my friend, J. R. Briggs about his new book, releasing Sept. 8, titled The Sacred Overlap: Learning to Live Faithfully in the Space Between. In it, he communicates a refreshing vision that embraces tension and calls us to live in radical love and faithfulness between the extremes that isolate and divide people. 

Dr. J.R. Briggs has four passions around which his work focuses: 

  • Following Jesus
  • Equipping and investing in hungry kingdom leaders
  • Growing fruit on other people’s trees
  • Creating good kingdom mischief.

In short, his calling is to partner with people who are called to follow Jesus while they lead others. 

In 2011 he started Kairos Partnerships, an organization committed to serving hungry kingdom leaders through leadership coaching, consulting, speaking, teaching, equipping and writing. He is affiliate faculty member in practical theology at Missio Seminary and guest instructor at Friends University in the Masters of Arts in Spiritual Formation program. 

Connect with J.R. on social media at:
Twitter @ kpartnerships
InstaGram @jrbr.iggs
Facebook @jrbriggs1

Side note...J.R. is a former minor league baseball mascot!


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