Podcast 143: What is the Church? (Alan with Tim Soerens)

being with god church podcast purpose Oct 05, 2020

What is the purpose of the church? Why does it exist and what is on God’s heart as far as its aims? As of the airing of this episode, I have not been part of an in-person gathering of church for more than six months. And then many of the portrayals of church in contemporary media are less than encouraging. The emerging generation has been opting out of the church in large numbers as it is.

My guest today, Tim Soerens, has written a book called Everywhere You Look to highlight the gracious opportunity that the times we find ourselves in presents us. 

In my conversation with Tim today, he shares that the church is on the edge of a new possibility at the very moment so much of it feels like it's falling apart. In his extensive travels in all kinds of neighborhoods, Soerens has seen the beginnings of this movement firsthand. In Everywhere You Look, he lays out practical, actionable steps for building collaborative communities in any neighborhood.

He is a pastor, social entrepreneur, and co-founding director of the Parish Collective. In addition to Everywhere You Look, he is also the coauthor of "The New Parish".


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