Podcast 148: Engaging the Enneagram for Formation (Gem with Mary Linam)

The Enneagram has been more widely circulating for a few years now and most of us have a basic understanding of the types. But once you learn the types, the real question is, so what? What do I now do with all of this great information? What difference can the Enneagram make in my life?

My dear friend, Mary Linam, is a trained and highly skilled Enneagram coach. I’m sharing her with you today because I want you to glean from her wisdom and to be in touch with her if you want to dig into the Enneagram further. I’ve known Mary almost as long as I’ve known Alan, and you know that’s a long time. 

Mary has taken her life with God very seriously and has made her relationship with God, and his formation of her soul, the center of her life. This is what sets her apart in this field. Mary merges her deep soul work with the process of the Enneagram. And so you get spiritual director level care as she walks you through the process. Our conversation today is out beyond the types and is more Enneagram 201 than 101. So buckle up and enjoy our conversation.

Engage deeper with enneagram with this free resource from Mary.  Download HERE

Learn more about Mary on social:
Facebook @mary.g.linam
Instagram @choosinggrace


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