Podcast 163: Where Prayer Becomes Real (Alan with Kyle Strobel)

listen podcast prayer presence of god reality Feb 22, 2021

Most of you in our listening community are people who pray. Or at least people who have prayed. You may be grateful for the opportunity to come  into the presence of God. Your prayer may feel fruitful and life-giving.  


Or, you may have become disillusioned when it comes to praying. You might feel like you’ve come to pray but God didn’t seem to come to listen or respond. It’s not an uncommon experience. But, in the end, you probably still want to be a person who lives in the presence of God—a person who prays.


Today, I’m talking with my friend, Kyle Strobel, about a new book that he and John Coe have written called Where Prayer Becomes Real. We’ll talk about our experience of prayer and how we might enjoy the reality of God’s presence. That’s the focus of today’s episode of the Unhurried Living podcast.


Kyle Strobel is the assistant professor of spiritual theology and formation at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University, and is the author of Formed for the Glory of God (IVP, 2013) and co-author of Beloved Dust (Thomas Nelson, 2014). Kyle can be found at or on Twitter.


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