Podcast 185: What Does Your Soul Love? Part 2 (Summer of Unhurried Favorites)

control discipline fear joy narratives podcast what does your soul love Jul 26, 2021

Over the summer, we are sharing ten episodes of our podcast we’re calling “Unhurried Favorites.” Today we’re sharing “What Does Your Soul Love, Part 2.” In this episode Gem and I unpack the second four of the eight questions from our book, "What Does Your Soul Love?". We address the themes of pain, fear, control and joy. It’s really in learning to live these questions rather than seeking quick-fix answers to them that we are transformed.

We also wanted to let you know that beginning in September, Unhurried Living will give birth to a brand-new podcast, hosted by me, called “I Can Do That!” I’ll help you see the big picture and take your next step so you can transform hopes into habits. In each episode I’ll share one practical idea, with one simple takeaway.

Alan will host the Unhurried Living Podcast. He will continue to interview fellow authors on themes related to An Unhurried Life. He’ll also share round table discussions with members of the Unhurried Living community on the values and practices of unhurried leadership.