Podcast 190: Looking Back with Gratitude (Alan and Gem)

gratitude holy rhythm leaders podcast practices Aug 30, 2021

As the old adage says, “Laughter is the Best Medicine.” And we completely agree. And we’d like to propose that you could replace the word “laughter” with the word “gratitude” and the phrase still works. Gratitude is such good medicine, and we’re going to enjoy a big, heaping helping of it today.

Whenever we lead a retreat, one of the holy rhythms we’ve practiced for years is ending them with focused reflection. One of these practices we call “Looking Back, Looking Ahead.” We offer our retreatants the opportunity to pause, reflect and think back over our retreat together with questions like these in mind: “How did God meet you? What invitations surfaced? What are you thankful for? What will life be like going forward?” 

Looking back with gratitude and forward with hope is a great spiritual practice. Hurry runs past gratitude at its peril. 

This is the last episode of the Unhurried Living Podcast as you’ve known it over the last four years. We are turning a corner and starting something new. We’ve shared more details about this in our last two episodes (listen in if you missed them). You’ll still be able to tune in right here to engage Leadership Conversations with Alan. Gem will be moving over to her new podcast called I Can Do That! which airs on September 13. 

Because of all this, we're taking time today to look back in gratitude and look ahead with hope.