UL Podcast #215: Living Life in God's Presence

creation podcast vulnerability vulnerable what does your soul love Apr 11, 2022

“Where are you hiding?”

Our habit of hiding goes back to the beginning of creation. Eve eats forbidden fruit. Adam joins her. They become self-conscious, perhaps even self-focused. And so when they sense God drawing near, instead of drawing near like they’ve always done before, they hide.

We do the same thing. We imagine that it is better to hide our messes from God rather than to bring them into the presence of mercy and grace. But it’s no better than a branch thinking it good to detach from the vine.

This week on Unhurried Living Podcast, Alan talks with friends John Freeman and Jeb Shore, about vulnerability.

This topic stems from chapter 4 of What Does Your Soul Love?

Listen in wherever you enjoy podcasts. Then answer the question... what are you hiding?