UL #246: PACE: Grow Your Leadership & Soul Care Skills

leadership pace podcast soul care Mar 27, 2023

Here at Unhurried Living, we care about the souls of leaders. We are interested in spiritual leadership that attends to the souls of others. This is at the heart of the calling of Jesus in our lives to follow him, to let him shepherd us well, and to learn how to join him in the care of others around us. 

Cultivating the spiritual growth of others has been at the heart of our work for more than 30 years. And this Fall, we’ll be launching a new training in leadership and soul care called PACE.


PACE is for you if you want to engage your leadership with more intention & presence, but:

  • You haven’t found a mentor to help guide the way, 
  • You don’t have the skills to lead formationally,
  • You feel distracted by all your current demands. 

Maybe you are well aware of your need to prioritize the care of your own soul, but:

  • You're feeling unfocused  or overwhelmed
  • You don't believe you have the time to devote to these practices
  • You struggle to experience the connection between your soul and your leadership. 

You know you could be leading with more focus and heart…but you don’t know where to begin.

You know you could be leading from overflow...but you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and distracted by all the options.

Learn more about PACE here.