UL Podcast #260: The Great Quest (Os Guinness)

hope journey meaning podcast quest Sep 04, 2023

I’m so please to share the conversation I had with Os Guinness about his book The Great Quest, where we will discuss the relationship between living an examined life and a finding a sense of joyful or hopeful meaning in life. This book is a timely and important message as many are struggling to find meaning deep enough to sustain us. Os has written a very helpful guide to taking this journey to deeper purpose. 


Os Guinness has written or edited more than thirty books, including The Call, Time for Truth, Unspeakable, A Free People’s Suicide, The Global Public Square, Last Call for Liberty, Carpe Diem Redeemed, and The Magna Carta of Humanity. 


Os has spoken at many of the world’s major universities, and spoken widely to political and business conferences across the world. He lives with his wife Jenny in the Washington DC area.