Podcast 43: Creative Conversations - How the Rules of Improv can Benefit Your Relationships

an unhurried living conversations improv listening podcast Apr 15, 2018

I recently re-read Tina Fey’s, Bossypants, which is a really fun read. She’s so funny and such a talented writer. I was reminded about the four Rules of Improv. It sent me on an online search and I stumbled upon the 11 Commandments of Improv by Del Close. Del Close was a coachto many of the Saturday Night Live greats like Dan Aykroyd, Mike Myers, Tina Fey, Gilda Radner and dozens more.

It’s amazing how these simple rules can help actors keep a flow of conversation and story going in their improvisational scenes. We’ve thought before that these guidelines could be beneficial in relationship and in our conversations.

We’ve tried these out in our own friendship personally and as we do our work together. These rules of improv have helped us to get unstuck on more than on occasion. Let’s start by sharing Tina Fey’s 4 Rules of Improv and then we’ll describe a bit how each one works relationally:

  • Agree…say YES
  • Say yes…AND
  • Make statements (as opposed to questions)
  • There are no mistakes (only opportunities)

Listen to the podcast to see how we unpack each of these in the context of relationships and conversations.

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