Podcast 50: 10,000 Minutes - Following Jesus All Week Long (Tim Timmons)

following jesus podcast tim timmons unhurried living Jun 03, 2018

In today’s episode, we're sharing a recent conversation between Alan and Tim Timmons. If you listen to Christian radio, you may already be enjoying his music.

Alan enjoyed catching up with Tim, as it had been a while since they'd last spoken. Recently, Tim was nominated for a Grammy for writing the Mercy Me song, “Even If.” (Here's a YouTube music video of it). It’s a powerful vision of trusting God for God’s own sake, and not just when God seems to make things go the way you prefer.

A little about Tim: Like Alan, he was born and raised in California. For the last three years, though, he’s lived in Franklin, TN with his beautiful wife, Hilary and their four kiddoes. He’s spends a lot of his time writing and recording music and playing concerts around the country.

You can find out more about Tim’s work on either his music website at or on his blog at We talk about all of this in our conversation.

Music from podcast: All songs are from Tim's album Cast My Cares. I Will Follow Love. Christ in Me. Cast My Cares.

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