Podcast 51: Real Life Marriage - I Promise to Love You Even When I Hate You

hate love marriage podcast unhurried living Jun 17, 2018

Alan and I recently celebrated our 33rdwedding anniversary. About three weeks ago, I wrote a beautiful tribute to our long time love and sent it out to our email community (it's also in this blog post). A week and a half later, we went on a celebratory trip that ended with us not speaking to each other on the plane all the way home. We’ll share the whole story with you today on the Unhurried Living Podcast!

Let’s begin by letting you know that in our very own Mission Statement we have a sentence that reads: Living all that we are learning so we share with others from experience and wisdom. It’s important to us that we are not simply doling out pithy advice or clichés that are unlivable. So that’s why we want to pull the curtain back on a very real incident in our marriage so you can see what happened and what we did about it.

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