Podcast 61: Vulnerability & Identity: Experiencing Love as the Center

ashamed community embarassed identity jesus love podcast vulnerability Nov 04, 2018

We have all felt embarrassed, humiliated or ashamed one time or another, and questioned our identity in those moments. Today on the podcast, we’re looking at the vulnerability that accompanies those dynamics and how Jesus himself can meet us there.

When we think about this question of identity, we envision a simple dot in the center of a dotted circle going around it’s periphery. The dot at the center is our actual, simple identity as beloved sons and daughters of God. The dotted line that looks like something orbiting around that center point represents everything we attempt to make an identity of our own. We try to do enough, acquire enough, impress enough people. But it’s just going in circles.

We hurry around, orbit after orbit, seeking for a sense of meaning and purpose “out there” in achievements, acquisitions and accolades. But the spiritual reality of finding our identity already in place in our friendship with God through Christ lies at the simple center of who we are.

Being rooted in Jesus at the center brings us to a place of engagement with all the realities “out there”, but from a place of peace and stillness at the center with God.

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