Podcast 70: Peace as An Operating System

anxiety operating system peace podcast unhurried Mar 11, 2019


Have you noticed that there is a lot of anxiety out there these days? Whether explicit and obvious, or implicit and underlying, many of us are feeling anxious or stressed. But we follow Someone who is called the Prince of Peace. Maybe that could make a difference in how we deal with challenges, troubles, hardships that cross our path. Maybe peace could actually become our operating system.

When we talk about an operating system, we mean the basic underlying software that helps a computer or a smartphone operate. Unless you're a tech nerd like I tend to be, you don’t think very often about the operating system of your device, that is, unless it stops working properly.

When we call peace an operating system, we’re saying that it is possible to learn how to allow peace to be the underlying framework of our lives. Peace might even become something unconsciously trusted rather than frantically sought.


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