Podcast 75: Holy Hurry and Unholy Unhurry

hurry jesus podcast soul unhurried living May 20, 2019

We often talk here about how a hurried soul costs us more than we realize, and that an unhurried soul is a way of following the genius of Jesus’ way of life and work. But there is a hurry that is actually holy, and there is a way of being unhurried that is actually unholy. We’ll tackle this pair on today’s episode of the Unhurried Living Podcast.

• Unholy hurry is that variety of soul hurry that we must ruthlessly eliminate as Dallas Willard urged us.

• Holy unhurry is that variety of unhurry that we see in the manner and way of Jesus that we want to follow. This is our core message at Unhurried Living.

In this episode, we will focus on the other two, which we don’t talk about as often but are nonetheless very important. We will say just a little bit about holy hurry because we think it’s a fairly straightforward idea. We’ll have much more to say about the challenge of Unholy Unhurry.