Podcast 8: Unhurried Influence - A Conversation

influence leadership podcast unhurried leader Jun 11, 2017

Recently, Alan had the opportunity to speak in all three weekend services at The Church at Rocky Peak as a pre-release event for An Unhurried Leader. The talk was more conversation than sermon. You can get a front row seat for the interaction between Alan and Pastor Dave Cox on the topic of unhurried influence. This is probably the best summary yet of the substance of this book. We hope you’ll enjoy listening.

If you scroll down past the podcast player, you can enjoy a few images form our time at Rocky Peak

"Where our lives touch the lives of others, may we enrich them rather than diminish them, may we generously give and not selfishly expect something from them."


"Our influence will grow as we cultivate a way of living and working that feels far less draining over time and far more energized by the Spirit to the point of overflowing. We will experience more and more moments when we feel as if we are living and leading from abundance rather than out of sheer willpower or our own detached-from-God human efforts."

Alan Fadling, An Unhurried Leader


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