Podcast 99: Rooted God-Given Identity (Unhurried Dynamic Three)

confidence identity insecurity podcast unhurried living Nov 04, 2019

When it comes to our kingdom influence, insecurity is one of our great enemies. But there’s a practical question to ask: What will we do with our insecurity? Where does our confidence come from? Where is it rooted? This is what we’ll be talking about today’s on the Podcast.

Today, we’re talking about the interaction of our two Unhurried Living values: “Rest Deeper” and “Lead Better.” We’re saying this interplay is the dynamic of our Rooted God-Given Identity.

In episodes 95 and 97, we been talked about two of our Unhurried Dynamics, specifically “Intentional Soul Care” and “Strategic Personal Influence.” Today, we’ll talk about our third Unhurried Dynamic, which is “Rooted God-Given Identity.” If you haven’t already listened to those two episodes in this series, we encourage you to go back to them after you’ve listened to this episode. We believe these episodes are the most important ones we’ve done yet. And next week, for episode 100, we’ll talk about the Essence of Unhurried Living and pull these three dynamics together.

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