The Quality of Your Life

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I love watching cooking shows. It’s all just a delight to the senses. The colors, the creativity…I love it all.

Every chef is different, but all chefs agree on this one thing: A chef is only as good as her ingredients.

There is a difference between canned green beans and fresh haricot vert from an organic garden. There is a difference between boxed potato flakes and a beautiful yukon gold fresh from the ground.

Spiritual leadership is no different.

I may have shared this quote before, but it is worth repeating, especially now.

“All the church needs to fulfill Christ’s purpose on earth is the quality of life he makes real in the life of his disciples.” (Dallas Willard)

The quality of our lives matters. Note that this is more than just what we know or even what we do. Dallas is talking about the quality of our lives. This is the how of our way of living.

In the vernacular of chefs and cooking, the question is this: Are our lives flavorful? In other words, is there something inviting about the way of our life? Are people enticed by the quality of how we live?

You can guess that I’m not talking about outward things like possessions or achievements. I’m talking about your vibe, your essence--your way.

This doesn’t mean we will always please everyone. Even Jesus had his critics. But Jesus was authentic, loving, wise and compelling. His way mattered. So much so that he said, “I am the way.”

What is the quality of your life? Let Jesus show you the way. 


  • Look at the Willard quote again. What does it mean to you personally?
  • What are the fresh ingredients in your life right now that contribute to your way?
  • If you feel a little more like canned green beans these days, what can you do to invite freshness into your life?
  • Ask God to give you one next step to take.

Day by day, moment by moment, we have the opportunity to take small, simple and gracious steps along this path.

Keep going, loved one. You are far more than a can of green beans.


Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash


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