SLOW | A 5-Minute Retreat

5-minute retreat mediation prayer video Jul 19, 2016

Unhurried Living. Our name resonates with many people. We know, because we often hear, "Oh, I love that idea," or "I really need that," or "That sounds so inviting." It resonates because we are usually moving at a fast pace. In between day retreats or weekend retreats or vacations, we all live real and full lives. So, today, we offer a 5-minute retreat entitled, SLOW.

Take a few minutes, breathe and remember that God is with you. That is what SLOWing is about. We hope you will use this video often to help bring yourself back into the moment.

Please share this video with some friends or colleagues. We bet you know more than one person who could use a 5-minute retreat.

You can also download the handy PDF version of the text from the video by using the form below.

God be with you as you learn to SLOW for a few moments each day.