Unhurried Living

Unhurried Living

Hosted by: Alan Fadling

Many of us feel hurried, and hurry is costing us more than we realize. Unhurried Living provides resources and training to help people learn to live and lead from fullness rather than on empty. Great influence begins...

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Productivity and Our Hurried Souls

Episode #197

Today, I’m sharing a great conversation I had recently with my friends, Jeb Shore and John Freeman about how our obsession with productivity impacts the level of hurry in our souls. In An Unhurried Life, I wrote a...
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Being With God (A.J. Sherrill)

Episode #196

In today’s episode, Alan talks with fellow author, A. J. Sherrill about contemplative prayer. It’s such a timely practice for our frantic, hurried world today. We really do need wise mentor and coaches like A. J. to...
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Insecurity and Our Hurried Souls

Episode #195

Alan  and friends, Darrell Warner and Matt Fogle, share a great conversation about the issue of identity. In his book, "An Unhurried Leader", Alan wrote about how doing our work to prove our worth is a very common...
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Hope Always (Matthew Sleeth)

Episode #194

Today, Alan talks with Dr. Matthew Sleeth about his latest book, Hope Always: How to Be A Force for Life in a Culture of Suicide. It’s a difficult but timely theme. We’ve been living through a season that has...
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Anxiety and Our Hurried Souls

Episode #193

Welcome to the Unhurried Living Podcast. Today, Alan is talking with friends Jeb Shore and John Freeman about the effect of hurry on our souls and the correlation that people make between anxiety and concern. We...
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Emotionally Healthy Discipleship (Pete Scazzero)

Episode #192

Hey friends. Welcome to episode 192 of the Unhurried Living Podcast.  We're hopeful that our time together will help you rediscover an unhurried way of life and leadership. Today we are sharing a conversation with...
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Relaunching the Unhurried Living Podcast

Episode #191

Welcome to the Unhurried Living Podcast. You’re invited to listen to leadership conversations that will help you to develop healthy rhythms of rest and work, and to live fuller in friendship with God. We hope this...
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Looking Back with Gratitude

Episode #190

As the old adage says, “Laughter is the Best Medicine.” And we completely agree. And we’d like to propose that you could replace the word “laughter” with the word “gratitude” and the phrase still works. Gratitude is...
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Relaunching the Unhurried Living Podcast (Gem interviews Alan)

Episode #189

Last week, we shared the news that we’ll be launching a new podcast with Gem as host. It will be called “I Can Do That!” We will also be relaunching the Unhurried Living podcast with Alan as host. You’ll get a chance...
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Introducing the I Can Do That! Podcast

Episode #188

Growth is good. This is one of our undercurrent beliefs here at Unhurried Living. So I am excited to share with you that this podcast is growing, or I guess I should say, multiplying! We’re going to give you all the...
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Attachment and Attunement (Gem with Rev. Summer Gross) (Summer of Unhurried Favorites)

Episode #187

Over the summer, we have shared nine episodes of our podcast we called “Unhurried Favorites.”  Today is our tenth and final summer favorite and we’re sharing “Attachment and Attunement: Finding Homebase in the Heart...
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10,000 Minutes (Alan with Tim Timmons) (Summer of Unhurried Favorites)

Episode #186

Over the summer, we are sharing ten episodes of our podcast we’re calling “Unhurried Favorites.” Today we’re sharing “10,000 Minutes: Following Jesus All Week Long” with recording artist Tim Timmons. In this episode,...
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