Practicing Transformative Leadership

A three-month online coaching group with ten leaders. Engage God's invitation to be transformed and to become a transforming influence in their work. 


Apply for the Fall 2021 group now.

Space is limited to 10 leaders


As a leader, do you ever feel...

  • Stuck in your life and leadership, and longing to be able to change?

  • Puzzled as to how you might have a more transforming impact on the people you lead?

  • Unable to stay in touch with holy energy in your work.

  • Tempted to control others rather than lead them? 

  • Hungry for a long-term vision of walking and working fruitfully with God?

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Take initiative in this new season to establish healthy rhythms of unhurried life and leadership.


Based on Alan & Gem's book, What Does Your Soul Love?, we'll: 

  • Embrace God's invitation to be changed from the inside out. 
  • Learn how holy desire energizes us in our leadership. 
  • Discern how our inner resistance may be getting in our way. 
  • Identify and release the temptation to control others rather than serve them as leaders. 
  • Rediscover the strength and holy energy of God's joy within us. 
  • Envision a lifelong journey of transforming leadership. 

Let's do this together!

Join Us for Our Online Coaching Group.


You'll Receive

  • In-depth unpacking of Alan and Gem's important book, What Does Your Soul Love?  
  • 20-minute pre- and post- Zoom one-on-one consultations with Alan.
  • Six 90-minute online Zoom interactive group trainings. 
  • Private group forum.


Tuesdays at 1:00pm (Pacific Time)

2021 Coaching Group dates

September 7 & 21, 2021

October 12 & 26, 2021

November 9 & 16, 2021


A $50 non-refundable deposit will reserve your spot. Total cost is $597 (three monthly payments of $149, $199 and $199). 

Join us!


Alan Fadling, Your Coach

Alan Fadling is a founding partner of Unhurried Living, Inc., a non-profit that trains leaders to do better work with less hurry. Alan is a trained spiritual director and leadership consultant, and the author of the award-winning books An Unhurried Life and An Unhurried Leader.   

Today is the day to take your next step in the journey of transformative leadership.

Space is limited to 10 leaders


"The coaching group that Alan curated for us provided a communal slowing that allowed us to see what God is doing. I learned how to pay attention to God’s kingdom narrative in my every day, vocational life. Alan provided practical ways to actually be an unhurried leader, a person who is present, non-frantic and attuned to what God already has in motion. Walking at a similar pace with God is much more enjoyable. The quality of people in our group added greatly to this experience and to have like-minded leaders slowing down together was incredibly life-giving. "

John P. Freeman
Grace Discipleship, Greensboro, NC

"The Unhurried Leader Coaching Group has been a place to process my workaholic tendencies. I’ve been given a perspective that is far more comprehensive and meaningful than merely implementing a few different strategies. I’ve seen that I need to change the mindset that is driving my behavior. I can actually live in the grace of God and allow Jesus to set my pace. I need to prayerfully cultivate that posture day and day out. "

Jeb Shore
Living Faith Fellowship, Souderton, PA

"It is easy in ministry to allow busyness to drive me. This Unhurried Leader Coaching Group has pushed against my tendency to live by my accomplishments and helped me learn disciplines that encourage me to rest in and receive from God. I love hearing the stories of other leaders in the group and how Jesus is challenging, encouraging and leading them. If you are a leader and feel like you are perpetually “doing," but struggle in “abiding,” I would highly recommend you making the investment of being part of one of these coaching groups. "

Dustin Kleinschmidt
Cornerstone Community Church, Murphy, TX

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