The Heart of an Unhurried Leader

blog change intention leadership Jun 08, 2022

Blog by Gem Fadling

I recently completed my first offering of a coaching group called Soul Care Based Leadership. If you’ve been reading our emails for long, you know that at Unhurried Living we believe deeply in living and leading from the inside out.


During this coaching group, I shared my personal Rhythm of Life (ROL) as a prompt, and then each woman began crafting her own ROL. I do have a ROL that is based on the calendar, however, I’ve added some intentions rooted in who God has created me to be. This aspect has been forming for years, and I love what emerged:


Life Intentions 

  • To be who I am and to love from the center of that place.
  • To nurture my belief and experience that God is love and is always with.
  • To be present to the person with whom I am talking.
  • To share with others all that I have learned with grounded optimism and practical spirituality.
  • To remember that I and all those I meet are in-process and to liberally extend grace.


This is how I want to express myself when I am at my best—and, hopefully, also when I am at my worst. This is my way.


Recently, as I was perusing my journal, I came across another bulleted list, one that describes how unhurried leadership shows up in my own life:


Unhurried Leadership 

  • I am an unhurried leader.
  • I am not afraid to look within, to make changes, and to grow.
  • I make time for what is important to me: God. Relationships. Soul care.
  • I know I can’t go this alone. I need people who walk with me.
  • I practice authenticity and am learning to lay down masks and persona.
  • I believe in overflow. I don’t crank out goods and services. God initiates and I cooperate.
  • I take time to become present and rest. This is the engine for my productivity.


Neither list is right or wrong, and they certainly are not prescriptive or complete. But they do reflect my deepest intentions as I express myself in relationships with God and others.



  • What might be on your intention and leadership lists?
  • How do you intend to live?
  • What does unhurried leadership look like for you?


Feel free to use my ideas as a jumping-off point for yourself. And reply to this email, letting us know what comes up for you.


Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash