Podcast 156: Entering the New Year with Intention and Grace (Gem with Kathryn Carrington)

Jan 04, 2021

In this podcast episode, we are talking about easing into the new year with gentleness and grace. This is much needed after making it through 2020. What does 2021 hold for us? We don’t know what circumstances will arise, but, as always, we have a choice about what we think and how we act within every situation. So, let’s lean into some gentleness and grace.

For all of the complaining we can do (and rightfully so) about social media, I have met some genuine, lovely, heart-forward...

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Podcast 65: Looking Ahead – Navy SEAL Tactics for Creating New Year’s Intentions

Dec 31, 2018

"Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.”  Understanding this Navy SEAL tactic helps us set our intentions and walk with Jesus as we enter the new year.

Research revealed this concept of "slow is smooth and smooth is fast" is, at Unhurried Living, a similar way for ourselves and our work. Spiritual practices are the slow of “slow is smooth” that we practice so that when we work, we have access to a deep reserve from within.

In our spiritual practices our souls are learning...

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