ICDT #67: Bridled by Love

i can do that love reflection spiritual wisdom Mar 06, 2023


Awhile back, during an overnight retreat, I chose to peruse the notes from my first spiritual direction training. I had two folders with worksheets, practices, and handwritten notes from multiple lectures.


My plan was to read through everything, so I could remember and glean from the spiritual wisdom contained in those pages. 

I made it through only half of one handwritten notebook. I barely scratched the surface. Reading through my notes in a soulful way turned out to be a much slower process than I had anticipated.


That time was so rich. I was able to soak in the goodness of God and reflect on how he had used those teachings to carry me through the next ten years.


The lessons I reflected on were like a rototiller, cultivating the soil of my soul’s garden. I was ready to receive what was offered, and it truly prepared me for all of the work that followed over the decade since then.


I thought I would share with you ten seeds of wisdom from my notes. My hope is that one or two of these ideas will connect with you right where you are.


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