The Loving Embrace of God

blog breath prayer decisions embrace embrace of god Apr 14, 2021

Many years ago, on a typical summer day, Alan arrived home from work. As was his habit, he came to me for a welcome-home hug.

Our oldest son, then just three years old, came running up to us yelling, “Wait! I want to be in your love!”

He then proceeded to squeeze between us as we embraced, creating a hug sandwich with him as the filling. I will never forget that moment…or that phrase: I want to be in your love.

Over the years I have grown tired of my own inner dialogue—whether I am doing the right things, being the right things, saying the right things, accomplishing the right things. And not simply in regard to my outer work life but also my inner spiritual life. I have worn myself out with shoulds and ought-tos.

I think this is highlighted by the reality of decision fatigue. There are just so many options in our lives. For example, I was recently shopping for toothpaste and found myself perturbed that I had to decide between whitening formula, cavity protection, sensitive teeth, deep action, or repair and protect. Too many options. I just want to brush my teeth!

What my heart truly seeks is peace. What it truly seeks is love. My simple, sighing prayer is, “I just want to be in Your love.”

Might that be your prayer too?


  • Underneath the clamor of your own mind and the droning on of decisions awaiting you down every grocery aisle—what is your simple prayer?
  • How does your heart long for God’s love?