Podcast 178: How to Plan a Restful Vacation (Summer of Unhurried Favorites)

an unhurried living podcast rest vacation Jun 07, 2021

Over the summer, we are sharing ten episodes of our podcast we’re calling “Unhurried Favorites.” Today we’re sharing “How to Take a Restful Vacation.” This may seem odd considering we are still knee deep in the dynamics of the pandemic. And yet we are seeing people becoming more active than before. So whether you are planning a getaway or a staycation, we hope you’ll find these insights useful as you make your way toward some rest.


In this episode Alan and Gem share their experiences during a dream 34th anniversary vacation trip to Italy and Spain. It was beautiful, they saw amazing sights, and were gone long enough to disengage from work and to come back refreshed. But it wasn’t all perfect. Today, they share what we learned about themselves and what a true vacation for them looks like. How can you get away, have fun, and refuel with deep rest? The answer might be different for everyone.